Boston-Como is an exchange of artisits and ideas between artists living around Boston and artists from Italy that coalesced around events and 6 exhibition venues in Como Italy from August 18 until September 18, 2013 and will re-convene in Boston in early September 2014. Over 10,000 visitors experienced the exhibits, saw performances and joined in at the three opening night reception / vernissages. 8 artists from Boston traveled to Como to participate in the exchange and 15 Boston-based artists sent works for the exhibitions. The organizer was Fabrizio Belanca, the Italian Curator was Carolina Lio, and the American Curator was James Hull.

The historic venues in the beautiful city of Como included the 11th century Broletto, attached to the main Cathedral, a 16th century ex-church, San Pietro in Atrio with wall and ceiling frescoes, and Spazio Natta with a loggia and courtyard. The spaces were used by permission of the city of Como and act as contemporary event and exhibition spaces throughout the year. The other venues were Galleria Lopez, Galleria Lietti and the Chamber of Commerce.( visit the event site here)

Dance collective Jennifer Rosa performs in Piazza del Duomo, Como


Opening night at Spazio Natta, in Como

above: Spazio Natta with work by Andrew Mowbray (L), Dana Clancy (C), and Jennifer Rosa (R)

Cristi Rinklin (L) an artwork by Brian Zink, John Guthrie, Brian Zink and Andrew Mowbray ( L to R)

Kathleen Fitch, Joe Wardwell and their kids at the San Pietro in Atrio opening reception

Italian organic treats and wine were served up at the reception (below)

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