Congratulations to the 2011 Villa Il Palmerino Residency Artists:

Hannah Barrett, Dana Clancy, Lisa Costanzo, John Guthrie, Andrew Mowbray, Vivian Poey,

Cristi Rinklin, Jen Roberts, Laurel Sparks, Guy Telemaque, Joe Wardwell.

Here is a Photo Blog which tracks some of our activities updated often

Donna Veverka and James Hull are the artist-administrators. Image files for artists' artworks and portraits

The exhibition and curatorial introduction by James Hull

The First Group August 1 - 14, 2011

The Second Group August 14 - 27, 2011

First "Festa" "Open Day" exhibition Party for the Artsts is August 10th so plan on being there for a big party with food 3 - 10 pm. The second "Festa" "Open Day"exhibition opening is August 23, 2011 from 5- 10pm with food and a musical performance in quadrophonic sound in the upper yard / campo.

The Idea:
The month of August is reserved for four to six artists (they can be artist couples / families - etc. total adults is 6) (plus the 2 artist administrators) who are invited by the curator/administrator for an exhibit and retreat during a residency. The focus is on inspiring future work and sharing the experiences of one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

Residenza del Palmerino
via del Palmerino 10
50137 Firenze, Italia
This short term residency/retreat is tailored to give artists, artist couples or families a safe and serene environment with an authentic Florentine feel. The experience is as much about the gardens, buildings and historically artistic city as it is about the Italian family that hosts the residency and the cultural association they have formed. We want you to get to know the gardens, the family and the city by setting your own schedule. A few days and times will be set aside when we will share a big breakfast or grill something together in the campo (the upper expansive garden) and talk about our adventures. We expect that this place will be great for children - and has enough separation and room to allow for adult artists not to be impacted very much by other people’s kids. Side trips, wine tastings and special museum or architectural tours will be offered (but not required) and facilitated as they are arranged - often these opportunities are off the beaten path and having residents of the city keep us up to date with events has been exciting and rewarding.

The Location:
The context of the Villa Palmerino suits quiet reflection, boisterous eating and drinking with friends, verdant relaxation and engaging the natural wonders within the circle of hospitality provided by a beautiful home and a friendly Italian family of artists, dancers, musicians and artisans. It is located inside the city limits of Florence on the hillside below Fiesole near Maiano - out of the heat and bustle of tourists in the center but easily accessible by bus or bike. A long history of literature, painting and cultural enrichment has taken root and continues to flourish at Il Palmerino - and we want to add our ideas, artworks and stories to that history.