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Statements from the Boston arts community:

Although I may be a museum (director) now, in my heart I am an Alternative Space boy, and always try to support the underdog art spaces that seem to make miracles with no funds. When I moved to Boston in 2000, I was very curious about what this city had to offer in the way of such space. I quickly met James Hull, and have always been amazed by the wonderful work that (Gallery at) Green Street does, and the way the charming Mr. Hull galvanizes a sense of an adventurous and committed art community for this city. He is a living treasure and one need only spend a half an hour sitting on Green Street’s sofa and see the scores of young Turks and established artists check in with him to realize how crucial his presence is for Boston visual arts.

- Bill Arning, Director, Contemporary Art Museum Houston. Former Curator, MIT List Visual Arts Center and Board Member, Gallery @ Green Street

For an art community to prosper, to flourish, to be audacious, striving, and nurturing there needs to be a platform, a vision, and endurance. James Hull symbolizes these functions in the Boston art community. For five years, he has provided the place and space for artists to create. He is guiding, advising, listening, and discovering, and it is mostly because of him that there is a strong sense of an art c o m m u n i t y. In my eyes, James is not only the catalyst for the Boston art scene, he is also the engine.

- Raphaela Platow, Director and Chief Curator, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinati. Former Curator, The Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University

I see the gallery as a part of a new potential paradigm for public space, where art can be integrated into peoples’ everyday lives because it has been made accessible geographically and financially. Being on the volunteer staff at Green Street gives me opportunity to meet, assist and form strong connections with other artists, and to see and participate in the process of curating and installing shows. As an artist and teacher, James’ dedication, vision, organization, and energy has inspired me in my studio practice, teaching, and the pursuit of my own curatorial projects.

- Danielle Krcmar, artist, faculty member SMFA, Gallery @ Green Street volunteer,
2001 Massachusetts Cultural Council Award recipient

As a professional in the visual arts, I admire the high-quality and widely-varied exhibitions that James Hull provides at the Gallery @ Green Street. And as a 20-year JP resident, I can testify to the vibrancy and life that the Gallery has brought to a previously bleak and neglected area.

- Greg Heins, photographer for Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Jamaica Plain resident

With Gallery @ Green Street as a kind of home base, James Hull cuts a path across Boston's traditional art boundaries. Artists, collectors and neighborhood people meet in a way I never knew Boston to mix. He's spirited, ambitious and smart -- someone more interested in making things happen, than wondering if it's appropriate or possible. That alone would be an enormous contribution to the Boston art scene, but James makes really great things happen and I truly appreciate him for it.

- Sheila Pepe, artist, 2001 Tiffany Award Recipient, Bunting Institute 1998/99,
2002-03 faculty RISD and Director at Pratt Institute.

James Hull has made an important contribution to the Boston area art community because of his innovative thinking, collaborative spirit, boundless energy, and practical know-how. He conceives of unusual, inventive projects, such as the Boston Drawing Project and the Gallery @ Green Street, and actually gets them realized. Both projects have presented to the public the work of countless, talented Boston area artists whose work might otherwise not have been seen if it had not been for James's creativity and resourcefulness.

- Rachel Rosenfield Lafo, Director of Richmond Gallery, Vancover. Former Associate Curator Portland Art Museum, Oregon. Former Director of Curatorial Affairs, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Every night I drive past Gallery @ Green Street on my way home from the studio and my reaction is always one of disbelief. It seems inconceivable that such a beautiful gallery could exist adjacent to a subway station, that it would be run so professionally, and that someone would be willing to offer such indefatigable and selfless support for local artists. But my skepticism dissolves when I remember the force behind this institution. Who, but James Hull, could render the impossible a reality with such skill and alacrity?

- Bill Thompson, artist and Jamaica Plain resident

The best groundbreaking artwork only happens when artists take big risks in their work and push what is possible within themselves to the very edge. Showing this experimental work to the greater public requires courage, intuition, and vision in a gallery director. James Hull is one of those rare art professionals who welcomes the experiments of hard-working artists and invites the entire spectrum of the public to meet together in his Gallery @ Green Street. The combination is a perfect celebration of curiosity, wonder, and discussion and Boston is a richer place thanks to him.

- Chris Nau, artist, Drawing Area Faculty, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Staff, Somerville Arts Council, Gallery @ Green Street exhibitor

James Hull is a dream to work with and has become the standard to which I hold other art professionals. He's a very convincing art presenter and consistently challenges his community, the Boston art audience as well as artists to go to the next level. His enthusiasm for bringing new work to new audiences is simultaneously entreprenurial, evangelical and contagious.

- Carrie Moyer, painter and one-half of the public art project, Dyke Action Machine!
She has exhibited throughout the US and Europe and her work has been widely anthologized and reviewed.

I had just moved to Boston and at open studios this person told me "This work needs to be shown. I have just the idea..." It turned out to be a real break for me. I found out later that the person was for real and that his name was James Hull. Things move fast around him, his fast and accurate eye as a curator, combined with his ability to infect others with his enthusiasm, is both inspiring and encouraging.

- Line Bruntse, artist, former Montserrat faculty, Gallery @ Green Street exhibitor, currently residing in Denmark

I have witnessed James Hull’s role as a catalyst in the wider art community and also in my life as an artist. Working with him has encouraged me to challenge the way I make art, to reconsider how I present my work and to deepen my understanding of its conceptual basis. Having a show at Green Street opened a door to a wider world of art colleagues and opportunities. James is my art angel.

- Nancy Murphy Spicer, artist, 2000 Somerville Arts Council grant recipient, Gallery @ Green Street exhibitor

James has made an important contribution to our efforts to start up a contemporary art program here at Forest Hills Cemetery. His characteristic mixture of enthusiasm and expertise helped connect us with local artists, encourage their participation, and generate a “buzz” about the exhibitions. Thanks in part to his participation, the Trust has been able to open up an unfamiliar and unlikely venue ­ a historic cemetery ­ to adventurous sculpture and installation work, drawing thousands of first-time visitors to our site.

- Cecily Miller, Director, Forest Hills Educational Trust, Commonwealth Award Recipient
(while Director of the Somerville Arts Council)

JAMES HULL HAS A GENEROUS HEART. James Hull's belief that good art can and should be truly accessible coupled with his sophistication, egalitarianism, high standards, and huge energy has given Greater Boston a unique gathering place for contemporary art ­ a T stop. The Gallery @ Green Street is an open crossroads for all kinds of art and all kinds of audiences. What has always impressed me about James is his genuine respect for all people ­ artists, T-riders, neighborhood folks, curators, collectors, art collectors, kids, students ­ and his ability to engage them (he never patronizes anyone). I believe his gift for inspiring the equally wonderful people who work at the gallery without compensation, and his ability to sustain the gallery's mission are testaments to his generous heart.

- Jill Slosburg-Ackerman, artist, Professor of Art, MassArt and Board Member, Gallery @ Green Street,
exhibitor and frequent visitor to the Gallery @ Green Street

Green Street, its staff and supporters celebrating the 5th year of exhibitions at the "Subway Gallery"

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