Opening April 1, 5:30 PM at Laconia Gallery:
Likeness and Legacy - A Photographic Survey of Early Portraits

Exhibition dates: April 1 - May 22, 2016 / Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12 - 4 PM >> Press Release: HERE

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"James Hull is a risk-taker who encourages other artists to follow his lead.”
-Weekly Dig, Somerville, MA

Supporters line up outside Laconia Gallery for 150x150 MAD DASH! fundraiser in 2010

Selected Press Quotes since 1998:

"It’s been interesting to see how starved for critical assessment artists are,” says Hull, noting that after art school and its regular “crits” of student work, there are few opportunities for honest, in-depth evaluation by a professional. Hull’s sessions are nonthreatening and shy artists do need apply, because Hull is among the most voluble people on the planet. He’ll keep the conversation going. He acknowledges, though, that “it takes some confidence and guts to come in here...It’s a hands-on, intimate way to increase familiarity with art....”
- Christine Temin, Boston Globe, 1.18.02

" The Gallery @ Green Street opened in 1998. Since then, the space has become a hotbed of art world and neighborhood activity.”
- Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

" Green Street... is the hippest (gallery) in the city.”
- Boston Globe

" The gallery is open to a broader audience, allowing contemporary art to be viewed in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.”
- Jeff Buddle, ArtsMedia

" We should all be grateful to the Gallery @ Green Street for making this work available to Boston. These attitudes are curiously refreshing.”
- Brigid Watson, South End News

" Art for the masses! No more Newbury Street snobbery! Or so our readers exclaim with this year’s Best Gallery pick.”
- Boston Phoenix

" With its high concentration of artists and its anti-pretentious jeans-and-T-shirt attitude...The proletarian Gallery @ Green Street epitomizes art for the people and redefines how we think of galleries...”
- Boston Phoenix

More Press and Artists Quotes

First in line (again!) for the 150x150 MAD DASH! a first come, first served fundraiser developed by James Hull at Green Street
Gallery (Videos of 150x150 MAD DASH! here)




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